shutterstock_294213746For those that enjoy the appeal of hardwood flooring, but need something a bit different and truly exceptional, parquet flooring is a popular choice. Parquet flooring is created by cutting wood into tiles or blocks and then organizing these cubes into various geometric patterns, such as a herringbone or basket weave pattern. You can use nearly any kind of wood for a parquet floor, which means that you may choose something to fit your taste as well as your budget!

However, like with any sort of floors, over time that your parquet flooring can become damaged or worn. It could be that you’ve moved into a home with pre-existing parquet floors, or that you’ve only had your own for some time and wish to breathe new life back into it. Luckily for you, there are a number of ways in which you can reestablish your parquet floor back to its former glory.

You may discover that certain individual blocks or tiles have become chipped or damaged, or which gaps have emerged owing to your floor expanding or contracting obviously. If this is true, it’s a great idea to either fix or replace the damaged blocks. This is only one of many advantages of parquet flooring — because it is made up of multiple tiny blocks, you can make modest fixes without having to replace the whole floor, saving you money and time.

If the entire floor is looking wornout, replacing one or two cubes would not necessarily be your very best course of action. In this situation, you might choose to re-sand the entire floor and maybe add a fresh end to it. You would be amazed by how much a difference a layer of wax or varnish may get to your floor’s look!

The main point to remember, however, is that in the event that you do not have experience in matching flooring, it’s always best to ask experts for assistance. While something can appear to be an easy task at first , without the proper knowledge, tools and experience things can quickly fail.

At Floor Sanding Newcross we offer a resanding and renovation agency and can reform your hardwood floors into its former glory in no time.


image3Hardwood flooring adds an element of elegance and style for your house making it look more beautiful than ever. With this new fad you can alter the persona of your house giving it an enviable look. There are many brands and styles of wooden flooring available in the market today that you may select for your house. Just just how are you going to choose the best at a fair price?

Engineered floors is a fantastic floor covering option with its simple to clean convenience, durability, natural appearance and style. Hardwood floors can be found at different prices depending on the standard and the type of wood used. If you are looking for a reasonable bargain you are able to visit any hardwood floors dealer who is offering discounts or also pay a visit to an online store where you will have the ability to make amazing savings.

Many manufacturers can provide wooden flooring in a discounted rate depending upon the square footage. Wooden flooring also can help minimise your maintenance costs. Any type of hardwood floors requires refinishing, coating and sanding from time to time. Carpets or vinyl flooring require continuously changing to maintain the elegant look but not wooden flooring. Wooden flooring is long-lasting and convenient, thus managing your costs.

Hardwood flooring with its exquisite style provides a stylish look to your home even at a reasonable price, clearing the myth of it being a status symbol for those who have lots of money. It’s simple to clean and is durable requiring no premature replacement.

Good quality and a respectable wooden flooring dealer is all you want. Quality wooden flooring may give a facelift to a home making it more desirable than ever before.


pioneer-millworks-reclaimed-walnut-12Hardwood flooring is a suitable selection for any home. The overall look and durability adds to the value of this construction. A property with hardwood flooring will certainly fetch a fantastic price. Are you considering a replacement for your current flooring? The following points will provide you with sufficient knowledge pertaining to hardwood flooring. This is essential if you’re unfamiliar with the different features of hardwood floors.

Materials used in hardwood flooring

Oak is one of the most frequently used substances for hardwood floors. The flexible and durable nature of oak is one of the significant reasons for its popularity. Oak can look good in various decorating styles which range from traditional to contemporary. Additionally, oak is sturdy in character and can resist any powerful physical impact. It also lasts for several years with appropriate care. Ash, cherry and walnut floors are a few of the other popular materials used. A darker colour enhances the look of the floor and makes it appear warmer than previously.

Engineered and solid wood

Engineered and strong wood are the two kinds of hardwood floors commonly available today. Engineered wood is fabricated via multiple thin layers of wood that are laminated with completed hardwood.

Installation types

Users can also set up the wood in different styles. The room selected for installation will influence the setup pattern. You may even resolve the new flooring to a subfloor.

Consult with an expert to assist you in the setup process. Augment the beauty of your house décor with hardwood flooring.


shutterstock_520082779If you live in the London, then Floor Sanding London Company can transform your aging hardwood flooring into one that appears completely rejuvenated. We’ve got countless years of experience, across all types of timber, making us the best local choice for your classic wooden floor.

In this blog posting, we discuss our sanding and renovation service can transform your floor!


Floor sanding is much more intricate task than you may think, it requires careful planning and ability to restore your hardwood flooring to its prior glory. Our trained specialists have worked on countless flooring in a massive range of residential, commercial and leisure premises, and can take the time to provide an excellent service with high attention to detail.

Once we have determined your hardwood flooring species and state a grit sequence and amount is selected (at least 4 different grits are used, ranging form 16 to 150 grit), we will start to transform your floor to its former all-natural beauty. The majority of our customers are astounded at just how much difference re-sanding a floor may make, the picture below indicates the gap you can expect to see, and it is only the first overhaul of the first grit!

We take great pride in all our sanding work, with our reputation is based on our focus on detail and high quality of work.shutterstock_78517732


Our expert team will analyze each portion of your flooring, re-fixing or replacing any that are damaged or loose. We will then remove old tacks and nails, whilst punching down some fixing nails which are protruding.

Our wide array of hardwood and hardwood flooring mean that we can replace broken boards beyond minor fix, with matching timber of the same quality and age wherever possible.
We will subsequently re-sand your fixed floor to some smooth, ripple and cut free end, before employing the protection coats of either Bona Kemi lacquer or Fiddes hardwax oil to complete its transformation to a finish.

To learn more about how Floor Sanding London can re-sand or fully renovate your aging hardwood flooring, contact us now for a free consultation, and to have a look at our extensive portfolio!

We provide competitive prices, and most of our customers are completely pleased with the work we create.

Test your wooden floors

Wooden floors are the most solid and classic material in each home these days. The elegance that wooden floors are showing us and keeping the fact that they last for many decades it’s what have made them an attractive material for informed home owners! If you have a hardwood flooring that has lost it’s shine you can try sanding it and bring back the the sparkle on it’s surface again!
Wood as a material base is a porous and vulnerable. Many people today usually choose to help their floors last longer as protecting them against moisture with sanding. A simple test to find out  your floor condition is to place a drop of water on it and if the drop isn’t absorbed, or it takes a few minutes to soak in, this mean that your wooden floor may be in good shape, but in case the drop soaks in immediately this mean that it is time for renovation !

Wooden floors are perhaps the most practical and beautiful material of all the time. But over time, the natural protection they have may wear off! A main reason for renovating hardwood floors, is that they also look much more beautiful after sanding than when they were originally installed!shutterstock_197408843.jpg

TOP 3 wooden floors for bedroom

TOP 3 wooden floors for bedroom
1.Cork Flooring- Cork have an excellent thermal and acoustical qualities! It is beautiful, slight, warm to the touch, hypoallergenic, fire and insect-resistant, stable and also exchangeable in every 8-10 years.
2.Vinyl Flooring- Vinyl flooring is affordable and easy for cleaning. The vinyl or lino flooring is family and pet friendly. you can choose from a variety of realistic finishes like wood, tile, stone or mosaic to achieve a irreproachable look for any room.
3.Laminate Flooring- Laminate flooring is quite flexible and durable. Small scratches can be repaired, but new flooring needs to be installed for major repairs, since laminate is made of composite wood, it cannot be refinished.


Nothing beats the solid wood

It’s a classic. The wooden floor in each room gives comfort, tranquillity and warmth.

If you’re thinking of putting in wood floors, you can’t go wrong. All types of hardwood floors have natural beauty and go with any decor — modern, traditional, country, you name it.

Nothing beats solid wood for a timeless natural texture, and a robust feel beneath your feet. It suits both contemporary and traditional interior design, an is long-lasting with each board precision machined from a single section of timber. Tongue and groove joints make for a tight and strong installation.305471_217611121637315_579639843_n

10 Things To Never Do To A Wood Floor


10 Things To Never Do To A Wood Floor

1.Do not use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean your floor
2.Do not use hard casters on any furniture directly on your hardwood floor
3.Do not use steam mops on your hardwood floor
4.Do not pour cleaning product directly on floor
5.Do not wait too long between refinish projects
6.Do not wear high heel shoes on wood floors
7.Do not leave the legs of your furniture unprotected
8.Do not drag furniture or heavy appliances over your hardwood floors
9.Do not let your dog’s nails remain untrimmed
10.Do not allow any stains remain untreated !